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About us

( Kanvio )

Kanvio is a parenthesis, an open space where and from where, the people who visit and work in it, transform, transform their relationships and their organizations. In this space people open the mind, the heart and the will.

What does open mean?

/ “A clear space without obstacles”
/ “There is no confinement”
/ “Show yourself available”
/ “possibilities”
/ “provide access”
/ “Embrace the unknown”
/ “Look differently”
/ “invite”
/ “to accept”
/ …

What is a parenthesis?

It is the no limits, the world of possibilities, emotions, freedom, creation and co-creation. It is nothing, as a preamble to the whole. It is where one is present, to allow you to connect deeply and generate new possibilities. It is the unknown. It is an infinite source of inspiration. It is confidential and secure. Risks are taken. There is courage, bravery and authenticity. It is closed and open, it does not end in the walls, but goes beyond, to infinity. It connects with the outside and with Nature.

How do we think?

Every person, team, group, company or organization is where they are and our role is to display that “which is trying to occur” in each of them. Life manifests itself through everyone with an unbreakable will to reach the maximum potential. This is a process aligned with the very nature of life: knowing how to live and live.

We serve this process, meeting people and teams where they are, in their current condition, and we serve them to contribute to the expression of their maximum potential as human beings and organizations that grow organically.

By opening a parenthesis (and accessing silence), we inspire spaces of freedom where each person embraces their own leadership, for the common good, expressed in a determined action towards a vision of the desired future. Each person follows the impulses born of his/her love for life, for Life.

We believe in a paradigm: “Life tries to happen, from the inside out, and we exist to inspire you to bring forth your maximum potential, in alignment with the Sacred Life, and to witness how you dream and make your dreams come true”.

What do we work?

We work on several projects simultaneously, up to five. Even so, the space is still open. We do individual, telephone and face-to-face coaching. We hold transformational dialogues, on the platform of the circle, where we are all at the same level. We dream, we design powerful visions of how people, teams, companies and organizations can be. We develop workshops with other colleagues, as part of the projects in which we put our passion. We are activists of collaboration, of possibility and of transformation. We design new workshops and services.

Who do we work with?

With colleagues from all over the world, in presence or at a distance. With our customers. With the community.

What do we usually do?

Doodling, drawing on the board, talking, writing, reading, studying, meditating, talking, connecting, smiling, listening, moving, using the computer, showing films or presentations, reading more, listening to music, making graphics, walking through the countryside and through the forest (silent witnesses of our experience)…
We are connected with everyone.