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We create spaces of trust, freedom and responsibility, which invite to open the mind, the heart and the will, allowing forward movement towards desired and needed change. We work in support of the Vitality in teams, organizations and communities.

Facilitation-less Facilitation

Nos gusta estar muy atentos a lo que se necesita en el grupo en cada instante, adaptando nuestra propuesta al servicio del cambio deseado.

We like paying exquisite attention to what is needed within the group in every moment, adapting our service proposal in service of the desired change. Thus, we combine a series of very simple tools in service of the desired change with our open-heart facilitation approach (or facilitation-less facilitation).

Circle of change

Opening and inspiring the circle of change (a group of people who share a purpose and certain values, and who decided to confront together the needed change in their community.

Craft dynamics

Proposing our own craft dynamics, as well as tools of ancestral wisdom, supporting our facilitation also in diverse group dynamics, Process Work, the Co-Active model, ORSC, psych-K, and other sources.


Responding and adapting to what is needed in each moment.


Teaching tools to self-organize and for the group to achieve the desired objectives.

Emotional links

Favoring emotional links with the Journey Song of the sessions, registered through Graphic Recording.


Inviting each participant to move to “action” with “in-the-job” orientation.