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We start with one (or several) briefing session to listen, from an integral perspective, to the underlying needs. From the first minute we act in the service of the desired change, reflecting what we observe and helping the client to design change and development.
Normally, from this first session emanates a draft of accompanying proposal, which allows us to define the first steps to follow.

The Leadership Circle

Usually, we incorporate into our programs the methodology of The Leadership Circle that allows people and the group to become aware of their impact, as well as what drives their individual and collective leadership..

When leadership focuses on eliminating what is not wanted, it loses effectiveness. When it does focus on what you want to achieve, your effectiveness increases. The success of the change process depends to a large extent on the level of effectiveness.

We advance step by step,


To become aware of the current and desired realities as they are, from an appreciative look.


Generate alignment among team members, with a view to a shared and superior purpose.

Learning and Dreaming

Explore the cycles to identify the learning and needs to feed a new vision.


Determine the necessary actions, the available resources and the clear responsibilities to carry them out.