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( Historias de Kanvio )

Junto con nuestros clientes exploramos el espacio abierto, los paréntesis que creamos para ellos al servicio de sus propias historias de liderazgo, las historias de Kanvio.

Compartimos aquí algunos testimonios de nuestros clientes.

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Human Centric Leaders


I call this experience a 360 experience: I so appreciated your intention of building all aspects of the retreat around vitality and making the experience so tailored to our group. I constantly felt that you'd been waiting for us and preparing a special sacred space to welcome us and nourish and nurture us throughout our time there.

Your facilitation-less facilitation is extremely powerful, it's so spacious and permissive. thanks to it the essence of what we needed to see could emerge naturally. I recall you letting go of what you had planned for us a number of times, that speaks volumes about your wisdom and understanding of what's needed and the blockages getting in the way. You masterfully kept us in a space of being without forcing it on us but showing us what was happening to us and channeling what was you were intuiting in the moment and for the sake of serving our coming out as a tribe.”

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Kanvio’s team have lived up to expectations always, being able to identify what is needed in each of the situations and making sure the proper conversations happen in a context of honesty and safety that allow people and organizations to grow and evolve themselves, even in challenging times.

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Kanvio uses a unique approach to helping companies and employees find what they need.

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Chief People Officer TMC


Kanvio nos ha hecho más sabios y valientes.

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Human Centric Leaders


The space you have created REALLY "works" and had a HUGE impact on everything that unfolded for us. It's hard to put into words because it is of the domain of the intangible. The fact that everything is so natural and, in some ways, casual. Whatever wanted to happen was allowed to unfold and with that came great wisdom and magic. And it didn't get in the way! To the contrary, this authenticity and simplicity is acceptance and integrity in action, and it infuses the space.

Your "facilitation-less facilitation" was just perfect. You stepped in when we needed it but got out of the way of the process unfolding as much as possible.”

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Human Centric Leaders


You and your whole family co-creating together, the location, the whole organisation - logistics etc, the process you have created for us and co-created with us, your flexibility, the fact that there is all time in the world - I so loved the energy of this trust in all and impact of it, the coming down - back to earth, the food, the whole process of all felt like being ONE, fully tuned into the flow…

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Human Centric Leaders


Your facilitation-less facilitation really worked wonders! You always held the conviction (and helped us join you in that) that “there is plenty of time — no need to rush” which allowed us to go deep to the core instead of rushing to the doing, understanding that the doing will take care of itself eventually.
Your selfless and servant leadership, which I find unparalleled, and the level of commitment and love to detail in preparing the retreat and setting the context, as well as in the setup of the physical and energetic space, the walk and conversation in nature, all together really worked for me in giving me clarity and insights.

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HR Director


Conocí a Liberto hace algunos años y ha sido siempre un placer trabajar con él. Facilitar grupos, crear cambio, transformar, mover de verdad a través de la palabra, una sonrisa, la mirada y todo en su conjunto, es sin duda un arte sutil, emocionante, fascinante…y lleno de complejidad.

Hacer que pasen en el corazón de las personas esos pequeños grandes milagros y clics que nos hacen aceptar realidades y crear cambios, es hacer pura magia. Solo algunos profesionales están a ese nivel.

Liberto y su equipo son de ese tipo de magos y artistas. Gente que de verdad cree en lo que hace y que te hace creer

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General Manager


It is rare that you find a partner that can help a team accomplish a break through in two days.  With their unique style and ability to engage both the team and the individuals, Kanvio helped our organization reach a new level of team connection, communication and alignment.  They have enabled us to reach a new level of leadership to successfully manage the changes happening around us every day.